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Past EXHIBITIONS / WIGWAM CHI-CHEMUNG / Wigwam Chi-Chemung 2021


Wigwam Chi-Chemung 2021

WIGWAM CHI-CHEMUNG, which roughly translates to “Big House Canoe” in Ojibway, was a floating ART installation located at the Ontario Place South Marina until October.

The Wigwam Chi-Chemung celebrated the enduring Indigenous presence of the Anishinaabe peoples who since time immemorial resided and thrived on all the land, waters, lakes and streams in the Toronto Port Lands and surrounding territories.

The lifelong dream of Elder Duke Redbird* was to share the rich heritage of these waters from an independent Indigenous lens. Elder Redbird’s vision was realized in 2019 when his newly purchased houseboat was transformed into a floating ART installation. The newly named boat, Wigwam Chi-Chemung became a ‘canvas’ painted and outfitted with a series of Indigenous themes and murals. The work was carried out by a group of artists including Redbird, Phil Cote and Myseum volunteers.

Since its launch in 2019, thousands of Torontonians and visitors to Canada have marvelled at its beauty and learned the many important lessons it has embedded in its art.

We invited you to explore this digital exhibition and call the phone line at +1 647-373-5705 to learn more about Toronto’s Indigenous history, culture and connection to the waterfront through the words of Elder Duke Redbird.

*Dr. Duke Redbird is a world-renowned artist, poet, educator and activist. He is an Anishinaabe Elder of The Ojibway First Nation.

We also invited you to visit the Wigwam Chi-Chemung floating art installation at the Ontario Place South Marina.

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