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Pint-Sized Conversations: Tkarón:to & Turtle Island

From corn to copper and countless resources in between, the Indigenous peoples’ relationship to land and water in Tkarón:to and on Turtle Island runs deep. With hundreds of nations being connected through trade routes, including waterway systems navigated by canoe, the resourcefulness of the Indigenous peoples is as prolific as the goods that were traded.

Suzanne Boyd and Rachel Laking present Tkaronto

(Bonnie Devine, 2013. Mixed media on deer raw hide, Photo courtesy the artist)

Join Anishinaabe artist and OCAD Associate Professor Bonnie Devine, for a talk about the significance of land and water to Indigenous nations, the complex trade networks that existed, and the influence of colonial rule.

Henderson Brewing Company

Pint-Sized Conversations: Tkarón:to & Turtle Island

12 Dec 2018

Henderson Brewing Company
128 Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2B7

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