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STORIES / Myrtle Cook McGowan

Myrtle Cook McGowan

Myrtle Cook McGowan was part of Canada’s first women’s track team in 1928 – setting the stage for a lifetime of sports leadership that transformed women’s professional sports in Canada.

A portrait illustration of Myrtle Cook McGowan.

Journalist and Track & Field Olympian

Myrtle Cook McGowan, a Canadian track and field legend, achieved remarkable success as a sprinter in the 1920s. She astounded the world with a 12.0 second world record in the 100m race during the Olympic Trials in Halifax. As part of the “Matchless Six,” Canada’s first women’s track team, she made history by securing a gold medal in the 4x100m relay at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Throughout her illustrious career, Cook claimed six Canadian titles and set numerous records. After retiring, she embarked on a successful 44-year career as a sports journalist for the Montréal Daily Star.

McGowan was a pioneer for future female athletes on national and international stages.

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