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TEST PROGRAM / COVID Rhythms - Jason Wong

COVID Rhythms - Jason Wong

Drumming is a common language across the world as one of the oldest instruments. Our new Covid reality has disrupted the old rhythms and connections of life. In a pandemic stalemate, we are challenged to find new ways to share the old.

Covid Rhythms reinvents lion dance drumming’s long history to express the new struggles and determination playing out across Canada during Covid. It spotlights my personal journey as a Chinese-Canadian returning to Canada after years of representing our country abroad. By drumming my moments of excitement, frustration, and resolve, I hope these rhythms resonate with your own experience of Covid and emphasize our shared fight.

Our defining moment is not this pandemic, but rather how we act on the challenges before us. We must search for new ways to address the old issues of health inequalities, racism, and climate change. From the humblest action to sweeping nationwide movements, our defining moment is when we choose to act to build better. For those interested in drumming and building better skills, I am happy to teach you how to play at your own pace. We rediscover the traditions behind lion dance and teach you how to drum and add your own touches, a new way to share the old. Get started at insightmartialarts.thinkific.com


Jason Wong is a Canadian international development professional who has spent the last 4 years in Central Asia. Whether on the “Roof of the World” in the Pamirs, atop retreating glaciers in Kyrgyzstan, or in Kazakhstan’s steppe cities, he has used his 20 year background in Chinese martial arts to break bread and share conversations on identity and culture. As a visibly Chinese person, he has bridged disbelief on whether he is Canadian and cultural norms to promote a message of pluralism: that our differences are a point of strength and are worth celebrating. Jason now calls Toronto home and works to highlight unique partnerships and perspectives through data.

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