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TEST PROGRAM / Maggie (Muzhi) Chang

Maggie (Muzhi) Chang


I almost didn’t submit but looking at my phone today I realized I created both these pieces I was considering submitting on the same day and it felt like a sign. The video is of me out with the tomato plants. The light that day the way the sun was shining it was *so* beautiful and I remember thinking “This is what I’ll remember of quarantine, all this intense beauty”. When Racists Spoke to Me is for the song category, it’s a piece I wrote after someone made a racist comment about Chinese people being to blame for coronavirus. I didn’t want to let them have the last word or ruin my day, so I wrote.


Maggie is a poet, writer and photographer based in Toronto, currently completing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. Having loved reading all her life, she started writing fiction when she was twelve, and branched out to poetry, primarily spoken word, as a teen. Her work focuses on environmentalism, intersectional feminism, and identity, particularly the joys and sorrows of being Chinese-Canadian. She has performed at Stories of Ours, and her work has appeared in the University of Waterloo’s HeForshe Anthology Allies, Cultural Weekly, and The Herd Archive. Check out a collection of her work on Instagram @seethewaymaggiecees

IG: @seethewaymaggiecees

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