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TEST PROGRAM / Michelle Corinne Liu

Michelle Corinne Liu

This piece is titled “throwing stones at no place.” It is a meditation on throwing stones, fictitious nowheres and uncertain tempos. It is inspired by diasporic distance and my missing of the ocean, or more specifically, my longing for an oceanic imaginary that resists the constraints of nation statehood and imperial sovereignty. Examining edges and peripheries and slow, indirect protest, this piece reflects on uprisings and state violence in HK and the distance heightened by the pandemic, time and geography, and considers the tensions between a feeling of no-placeness and material situatedness, impossibility and imaginative departure. The images are made in Processing and its glitches through pushing at the limits of my computer’s processing speed. The audio is composed of a recording from the beach in Toronto’s west end and distorted sounds of HK police retrieved from Youtube.


i’m an artist, wannabe dj and architecture school dropout raised between Hong Kong and Tkaronto. my work investigates minor movements and quotidian rhythms in personal and collective life in friction and contestation against relations of domination. i’m interested in architecture as a trouble causing practice, intersecting with fugitive infrastructures, slow militancies and riotous possibilities.

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