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TEST PROGRAM / Meowisms - Jaqui Lee

Meowisms - Jaqui Lee

Meowisms is a series of poems about my cats I made for a virtual presentation party. I started hosting weekly presentation parties in the beginning of lockdown for my friends and anyone I wanted to get to know better to share whatever they are passioniate about. It was a great way to stay connected and learn how weird and interesting my friends are! Due to popular demand, I have also created Meowisms 2 for a later presentation party.


I’m Jaqui, a 24 year old freelance writer and mom to two British Shorthair kitties, Koola and Cobey. Koola is grey and grumpy faced, with a striking resemblance to a mafia boss and Cobey is a pretty blonde doe-eyed princess. When I am not petting their tummies, I enjoy longboarding, reading books on libby (the Toronto public library app) and going on socially distanced adventures.


Koobey cats YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjTaunn87DYEl9tcqLpjqE4ZIHhR7eANv

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