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Connie Lê

I am submitting a very short song I created during the Summer of Quarantine. It began with just the lyrics and a hum. With all the time I had in the world, I impulsively purchased a ukulele, the very first musical instrument that I owned. I dabbled in making music, but was never musically gifted. So, this was just a huge experiment for me. “Please Take Care of Yourself” is recorded and produced on GarageBand which features a few cords I learned on the ukulele. The song was to check up on a friend and remind them to take care of their health. But also to take care of their mental health too!

The lyrics follows:

Please take care of yourself, baby.

I hope you’re doing well, maybe?

Please take care of your health, baby!

Cause that mind is going crazy,

that mind is going crazy,

that mind is going craaazy!

Please take care of yourself!

Please Take Care of Yourself, was the beginning of my musical jingles and sound experiments that I don’t believe I would have even dabbled with unless I had the time to. So I hope when looking back at the Quarantine Qapsule I’m reminded to take care of myself, and as should you!


Hello! I am a Vietnamese-Canadian graphic designer/artist based in Toronto. I like to highlight the small details on the mundane and believe anything can be exciting if you imagine them to be! I love blending design, illustration, photography, and writing to tell a great story. If I am not indulged in my work, you can find me collecting rocks, making music or writing silly raps. 🙂


IG: @connieele

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