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Past / Quarantine Qapsule / QQ: Music and Poetry

Quarantine Qapsule

QQ: Music and Poetry

Please enjoy the songs and poems inspired by and created through periods of isolation. While experiencing each piece, ask yourself what truths are being spoken to? We hope these pieces of music and poetry encourage you to reflect on your emotions throughout this unusual time. It’s okay to feel all of your feelings, your experiences are valid.

By offering an inclusive space to share stories, we hope it invites other racialized communities to follow suit and to join together. We hope your experience browsing through the QQ becomes one of many steps taken to ensure racialized people are included, and have the chance to reclaim their narratives.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our digital archive. We ask that you, the viewer, to take the time to reflect on your personal history and voice. Have you been telling your story? Reclaiming your personal truths? Who speaks for our community? The Quarantine Qapsule (QQ) is one place where we can take agency in our personal storytelling. We highly encourage you to keep creating and find spaces where your voice is heard, beyond the QQ, to continue our goal to make racialized voices prevalent and accessible across archives.


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