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/ Sarah Boo

Sarah Boo

The first version of this piece was initially created as part of an ARG (alternate reality game) which was itself created to explore and address social connections in the time of COVID-19. The original prompt was to express the feeling of 6 feet of distance in a room between friends which for me was a combination of some unsettling things.

I created this version in contrast, to collect moments of warmth from spaces I have inhabited during the pandemic, and before (which I have kept and transported into new spaces). It is a room filled with notions of home that I learned from my childhood and recreate everyday in my new home that I share with new friends, friendships made possible by the pandemic. Instead of the dark corners of my childhood spaces, vibrant dream objects are placed to make space for new memories.

Certain objects mark the pain, contemplation, and revitalization that have occurred in the last year. The ending offers a digital form of skinship – a glitch hug.


I am a Korean Canadian new/emerging artist (born and raised in Mississauga, third culture kid). I recently quit my job in the tech industry (software development) to go back to school for art, and am currently doing my second undergrad at OCAD in the Digital Futures program.

I spend my days experimenting with code, sounds, images, and electronics, creating things that bring me joy, connect with my memories, my identity, and my imaginations for the future. I am a big proponent of accessible education and DIY culture (I have many people to thank for the things I have learned) and have taken volunteer opportunities to teach coding to non-men in the past. I hope that once I am more proficient with electronics and circuit design, I can do the same in a creative sphere, and make that space at least a tiny bit more accessible and welcoming to non-men.

IG: @sareeboo

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