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/ Sad Karaoke (Jordana Green, Anne Amores, Liz Zeppa)

Sad Karaoke (Jordana Green, Anne Amores, Liz Zeppa)

Sad Karaoke Vol. 1 is a digital zine that was created during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when communal and social gatherings were banned and something as simple as the act of karaoke or jamming with family/friends of the past were now found to be taken for granted and deeply missed. The zine is composed of personal profiles from various Toronto residents sharing their stories about community and culture through karaoke. The zine is available online at http://www.sadkaraoke.club.

For an accessible copy click here


Sad Karaoke is a multidisciplinary platform of creative expression for three Filipino/Filipino-Canadian women residing in Toronto (Anne Amores, Jordana Green and Liz Zeppa). The concept of Sad Karaoke was born out of our usage of karaoke as an emotional outlet to destress from our post-secondary and post-graduation endeavours. We aim to create through self-expression, exploring our place in the world, and vulnerability. Currently, we have a demo of an original song and a cover on our Instagram page (@sadkaraoke), and a Zine we created during the pandemic entitled Sad Karaoke Vol. 1, which we are submitting to Quarantine Qapsule.


IG: @sadkaraoke

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