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/ Mitsuki B. Fujimoto/ LadyAstro

Mitsuki B. Fujimoto/ LadyAstro

Neverland – A mixed media painting that inspire the love of connection to nature to all ages. No matter how old we are, as a child, I am certain that we universally share a childhood memory of playing outside in the nature; when we had nowhere to go, no money for entertainment the natural environment was our playground. Things we find there were, we make by hands & imaginative games were our toys! Many new generation are going through a period of strange time where screen-based learning has become the norm. The electronic devices have become their teacher & best babysitter – but this is merely a reflection of our adult’s behaviour. This painting is created with an intent to bring us back to the spirit of freedom, freewill & sense of wonder we were able to experience when we are connected to nature, which is our natural state of being; we are the nature and the disconnection to nature means that we are disconnected with ourselves.

Hakoniwa – A mixed media painting that reflects the time during quarantine when we were able to spend a lot of time either home or at parks, finding peace within. The motif is emblematic of Japanese Bonsai, embracing my heritage to confront cultural appropriation often observed in modern pop culture.

TTC Express 333 – A mixed media painting that inquire the change in our daily public spaces, such as underground transportation; during & post-covid time the transit has become a ghost train. The little covid person represents our change in perception where a regular passenger is now seen as a virus host; it seems so silly to me that we are programmed in such ways that we have become so distant & fearful of each other. The interior of the train is left blank to express the emptiness and lack of human interactions in public spaces.


I am a Japanese visual storyteller/designer who also work as a registered teacher in nature education. I create work that narrates the connection between nature, divinity & universal truth as a way of holistic therapy & education.

I am also a part of hiphop cultural collective called Spacekatz, who use hiphop art forms to empower youth & tool to bring social/cultural/educational impact.

IG: @ladyastro.biz

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