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Conan Chan

As a child, I always had an interest in the art of paper-folding or commonly known as origami. Regardless of the paper size, I loved the way how each fold brought about a sequence of new shapes and defined a sense of dimensionality. It was not until my first experience with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs where I learned the complexities of building from a flat surface into a 3D form, in which I began to really cherish this little “hobby” of mine. Every time I began to fold a piece of paper in my hand out of boredom, I never really knew what it would turn out to be. But I suppose the unknown and mystery of it was what made it fun for me. I also never had any intentions for my paper-folded creations to be applied in real-world settings. It simply was just for fun. Since quarantine, I have had an increasing amount of “free time,” especially after my graduation. It reminded me of my childhood days when times were less stressful when I did not have to feel guilty for taking a break, and folding a piece of paper had never been so fun and full of surprises. Therefore, my submission is a reminder of my most creative moments throughout my life, and while each creation might not be widely recognizable or elicit strong emotions. I hope that this compilation of my hobby would inspire you to be creative during these tough times as it once and still inspires me.


Conan Chan is a second-generation Chinese Canadian and recent alumni of Ryerson University School of Interior Design. Upon graduation, he began working at the Design Fabrication Zone at Ryerson University in partnership with fellow alumni Megan Shine Barrientos, under the name Studio A12. Their first project, Refold, is a study on crease patterns from the iconic paper crane. Through this exploration, they sought to represent new complex forms through new technology as well as the architectural potential of origami with high regards to its history and culture.


IG: @conandotdesign

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