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/ Ira Famarin

Ira Famarin

Anong Ulam Tita?’ is a short film about my appreciation and admiration of my Tita’s (Aunt) cooking skills and her power in the kitchen. The film takes you through my feelings of delight, nostalgia, belonging and renewal as Tita’s cooking became my source of refuge during times of isolation. Tita’s cooking made me ponder about my Filipina-ness and the strength that lies in our own womanhood and identity. Through this film, I hope to remind all Filipinx womxn the power and strength that they have within them.


Ira is an arts-based researcher, curator, dancer and community coordinator that wants to pay homage to her roots and her hyphenated identity. As a Filipino who was raised in Singapore and now living in Toronto, she’s always been fascinated by the varied lived experiences and narrative of different Filipino diaspora all over the world. Ira is a recent graduate of the Culture & Expression program at York University and is currently putting together a collective and also honing her arts-based research skills through trying different art mediums like film.

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