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Past / Quarantine Qapsule / QQ: Mentorship

Quarantine Qapsule

QQ: Mentorship

The following 3 videos are curated by Tea Base’s QQ Mentorship Program. The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to provide Asian Canadians who want to contribute to the QQ but unsure how. This was an opportunity to bring their ideas to life while having a mentor virtually guide them on Zoom. Our mentors are: Keith Lock, Joshua Aries and Nightingale Nguyen.

By creating opportunities of encouragement, the QQ was able to provide individual narratives that may have been overlooked. This was not a juried art exhibition, but a collection of varied glimpses into the lives, stories, experiences, and dreams of our communities. Accessibility is crucial when inviting others to speak or archive their experiences across generations. What stories are we overlooking when we do not provide access? Whose voices are being documented over others? Whose voices have historically been left out?

Thank you for taking the time to look through our digital archive. We ask that you, the viewer, to take the time to reflect on your personal history and voice. Have you been telling your story? Reclaiming your personal truths? Who speaks for our community? The Quarantine Qapsule (QQ) is one place where we can take agency in our personal storytelling. We highly encourage you to keep creating and find spaces where your voice is heard, beyond the QQ, to continue our goal to make racialized voices prevalent and accessible across archives.


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