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TEST PROGRAM / Blues for Popo - Brenda Joy Lem

Blues for Popo - Brenda Joy Lem

I have been helping to take care of my mother for the last 10 years. She turned 99 during the lockdown. She receives palliative support at home, and with the pandemic creating further isolation it feels a bit like being in a hospital. Physically she has declined a lot over these 6 months, but what I am amazed by, is her strength and tenacity. My daughter and I put together this little film over two evenings with snippets I shot on an iphone.


Brenda Joy Lem: My art practice is a spiritual practice. It is the development of awareness and understanding of self and nature. The art forms I practice include: visual art, writing, arts education, traditional & martial arts- taiko, chi kung and yoga, filmmaking and improvisational music. All of my artistic disciplines support and broaden the possibilities of one another, and along with cooking, gardening, and herbal medicine, create a whole way of being for my life.
Una Lem Wong: I am a self taught digital artist and filmmaker.
Colin Anthony: Colin was an amazing musician who taught both Brenda and Una free improvisation on the piano. He is dearly missed.

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