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TEST PROGRAM / Amanda Kung

Amanda Kung

  • black and white image of a person on a backyard deck

Going back home during quarantine was the first time in a long time that my whole family had lived together under one roof–mother, father, sister, and me. Living in that house in the suburbs was at once both comforting and stifling; it was familiar, it was my childhood, it was unremarkable. I found it hard to create in this environment which felt very removed, far from the city and from my friends and instead returning to my role in the family as a child: being cooked for, cared for, performing household chores, arguing with my mother. These photographs document these seemingly mundane moments I shared with my family. Moments where voices and bodies overlap; cooking separate meals in the same space, tending to our herbs and vegetables in the backyard. Moments enshrined in black and white 35mm film, predetermined for me because I had left it there since graduating high school, a time when I still shot on black and white. This work exists out of necessity, out of the transient space I occupied within my own home for those few months where I had once been a comfortable inhabitant, and where I now felt like a guest. It is an exploration of personal relationships within family and what it means to be and feel at “home.”


My practice as of late explores notions of the self and ones identity, on looking inward and questioning where I fit. It is about defining selfhood and learning how to navigate the world as someone who has lost and is learning to build a connection to my culture, specifically through the lens of humour and the internet. My work often references online culture and plays with the tropes of online behaviour; how visibly displaying anger or sadness openly on social media is a way for the younger generation to take agency. Recently, my work has been largely digital or wearable, which hearken back to the ways in which we consume media, and are influential methods for disseminating ideas to a larger audience.

IG: @asiandreamgirl

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