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TEST PROGRAM / Michael Chan

Michael Chan

Movie poster for Switch.

Timothy and I wanted to put onto screen one of our experiences during the pandemic – Playing ‘Animal Crossing’ on the Nintendo SWITCH! As a parent, it’s hard to find time to actually play, so what happens in our film is based on my life! Our film has done well and has been Officially Selected at 3 film festivals.


I’m an actor from Toronto and have been in the industry for 14 years. When we went into lockdown for the pandemic, I needed to find a creative outlet, so I gave filmmaking a try. Timothy Ng, my co-star, is a friend and fellow actor. My wife, Jessica, is a voice actor. Aerin is my 2-year-old daughter who interrupted way too many takes, so she got an Executive Producer title!

IG: @michaelcwchan

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