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TEST PROGRAM / Shift - Chen Sing Yap

Shift - Chen Sing Yap

Chen Sing grew up in Singapore, where he worked as an editor in lifestyle television for 4 years. While working long hours in the cutting room, he gained a crippling addiction to hugging stuffed turtles. He has since moved to Canada where he is studying for a film degree at Sheridan College.


During a pandemic, a nurse decides to live in her car to protect her family. The cheesy greeting cards her son sends her in social isolation begin to take on a special importance.

How do you be there for someone when you can’t be there? “SHIFT” explores how isolation affects the psyche of Sarah, a nurse and mother struggling with feelings of guilt for her chosen profession. Though initially wanting to illuminate the hardships of essential workers; we settled on a theme of how caring for those you love can be difficult, confusing, but ultimately, worthwhile.


IG: @bigbigturtle

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