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Alicia Mok

I was inspired by Pat Kelley’s painting called “Woman with Red Wine”. I made a cinematic for this with a short message in mind, which was not to wait for other people who clearly aren’t putting you first. I think the message is clear and I had a lot of fun creating this piece as it is almost Halloween. This is my way of celebrating that little bit of spooky season while staying safe. I found the perfect music to accompany this just as I was about to use another sound. I felt it was off though, and one more search late at night proved to be the perfect fitting sound for this film. We did this piece at night, starting at 10pm shooting until late at night, so we were quite tired afterward. We had to do this as I didn’t want any natural lighting to influence our shoot and the final look- I needed full control with the cheap gear I had with me. As a Covid project, renting gear was not a safe option, so with our budget-friendly options, I created the best lighting situation with the gear we had.


My roommate, Sarah Jewell, who acted in the short, was ready when I presented her the idea. As a team of two, she handled the makeup and hair, a talent I’m grateful she was able to bring to the table. With her help, I was able to bounce ideas off of her as well, and together we made this work. Her acting was amazing, and as a friend, she was really easy to work with. Any instructions I gave were instantly implemented, and my vision was brought to life because of her. Considering the pandemic, I think with minimal gear, minimal crew, and minimal locations, I’d say it turned out amazing.


IG: @aliciamokk

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