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Past / Quarantine Qapsule / QQ: Fiction

Quarantine Qapsule

QQ: Fiction

Creative pieces inspired by the pandemic, creativity can be found anywhere and art cannot be stifled by isolation. We hope these pieces inspire you to continue, or start to, create despite all the changes in this world.

What will we remember during the COVID-19 pandemic? What stories are we going to pass down? As storytellers, we hope these pieces illustrate the living realities of Asian Canadians during this time through artistic expression. We wish for you to inherit these stories and not let our voices go unnoticed.?

Thank you for taking the time to look through our digital archive. We ask that you, the viewer, to take the time to reflect on your personal history and voice. Have you been telling your story? Reclaiming your personal truths? Who speaks for our community? The Quarantine Qapsule (QQ) is one place where we can take agency in our personal storytelling. We highly encourage you to keep creating and find spaces where your voice is heard, beyond the QQ, to continue our goal to make racialized voices prevalent and accessible across archives.


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