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Past INTERSECTIONS FESTIVAL / MYSEUM INTERSECTIONS 2021 / Women in Hip Hop: An Ear Appeal Project


Women in Hip Hop: An Ear Appeal Project

Historic accounts, interactive galleries and live performances, addressing the past, present and progressive future of the Female MC.

To view the Women in Hip Hop Digital Art Exhibit click here.

Featuring performances, video presentations, art, and imagery that challenges the traditional role of women within the male dominated space of hip hop, Women in Hip Hop is an exploration of the intersecting experiences of race, sexuality, ability and gender. This project presented by Ear Appeal reforms harmful social norms and ideologies through authentic storytelling and advocacy using the medium of sound, music and complimentary artistic expressions to provide opportunities for overlooked and underrepresented artists.


Dijah SB makes navigating synth loops, booming bass claps, and smoothed out production look easy. The rapper effortlessly glides across these soundscapes with lyrics that are as earnest and personal as they are agile and quick-witted. Inspirational without being preachy, their music is a raw look into the mind of a Black non-binary artist rapping their way through hope, heartbreak, and breakthroughs. Their sound, a small light pushing through dark cracks as the self-aware inner workings of an artist in a constant state of growth.

Keysha Freshh: Dubbed “Hip Hops kid sister”, Keysha Freshh blends everything you love about the 90’s with everything you appreciate about Hip Hop. Born in Toronto, Keysha found a love for hip hop spending summers in NYC. She was exposed to the culture at an early age, listening to mixtapes her cousins would have. Keysha had her first song published when she was 5 years old, the song was titled “Summers coming” and she has been performing ever since. Keysha performed her first written rap, at the age of 12 while she was a member of the Toronto Children Concert Choir.

Brittany “Exmiranda” Manu, is the founder of Ear Appeal is an advocate, cultural connector and rapper with a unique androgynous sound and dynamic flow. As a board member of tangled Arts disability brings awareness to issues facing artists with diverse needs. Exmiranda is also a 2019 Emerging Artist Award Finalist from Toronto Arts Foundation, a Chalmers award recipient by the Ontario Arts Council as well as the recipient of an artist entrepreneurship nomination from RISEhelp. With her recent track ‘Autonomy’ success on Worldstar Hiphop, Exmiranda continues to grow globally.

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Women in Hip Hop: An Ear Appeal Project

10 Apr 2021 –
15 May 2021

Collision Gallery, Commerce Court,
18 Wellington St W
Toronto, ON

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