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Past INTERSECTIONS FESTIVAL / / Planting Seeds of Imagination

Planting Seeds of Imagination

Engaging and Empowering community through urban design.

How can collaboration and virtual reality (VR) technology help Torontonians re-imagine better ways to design neighbourhoods? Visit this inspiring community garden in Toronto’s Chinatown West neighbourhood to learn how gardeners, organizers, designers, and other community members came together to build their own space.

Planting Seeds of Imagination is a community-led design action and intervention at Cecil Community Centre’s back garden in Toronto’s Chinatown West, uniting diverse perspectives through design. It is as much about the outcome (art-based garden installation and long-term programming) as it is about the process (digital design action through virtuality and community resilience workshops).

This is your chance to learn about the process and engage in discussion about how it can be replicated in your own community.



APRIL 30TH → Symposium on Co-Design, Legacy Planning + Lessons in Building Community Power


APRIL 30TH → Community Garden Celebration


Myseum of Toronto is proud to host Planting Imagination in this year’s Intersections festival, a city-wide celebration of art, culture, and community. Planting Imagination is led by Assistant Professor Linda Zhang (Waterloo University School of Architecture), project PROTECH (Pandemic Rapid-response Optimization To Enhance Community-resilience and Health), Cecil Community Centre and AQUA (Asian Queer Alliance) alongside 60 diverse Chinatown Activators, 6 Community Facilitators, and 15 Toronto Metropolitan University student researchers. This project is supported in part by funding from the Government of Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund through the tri-agency (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) as well as Toronto Metropolitan University.

Intersections is a free city-wide festival for Torontonians, by Torontonians.


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