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Become a tourist in an AR-driven Toronto of the future.

Step into the shoes of a citizen from a megacity of the future in this experimental role-playing game.

RaaraLab invites attendees on a series of interactive walks set in a Torontonian sci-fi future. Be a part of the first audience to test this experimental game!

In order to join this unique test group, you’ll need a smartphone, a set of headphones, and a keen curiosity to explore the early stages of this unconventional new game.



In the world of Nuville, you live in a future where the planet’s population has found refuge from the climate crisis in a megacity built by artificial intelligence. Built on robotic intelligence, productivity is the name of the game – but at what cost to humanity?

While Nuville appears to be the high-tech city of our dreams, humans have become disconnected from city-building, history, the environment, and each other. Wanting to reconnect, you join a collective of citizens-turned-hackers, called “Hacker D-Central,” who want to hack the system and make Nuville more human.



On these tours, you’ll test a live-action-role-playing game directed through your phone. You’ll role-play with fellow attendees as Nuville citizens who are on a mission to hack the city’s algorithm. You’ll be directed to complete a series of tasks that challenge the flow of urban life by rebuilding your relationship to place, presence and humanness.

APRIL 15th → Nuville at Allan Gardens


APRIL 22nd → Nuville at Allan Gardens


APRIL 29th → Nuville at Evergreen Brickworks


Myseum of Toronto is hosting RaaraLab in this year’s Intersections festival, a city-wide celebration of art, culture, and community. ImageFatale (Karen Vanderborght) created Nuville in collaboration with Toronto Council Fire Youth Wellness Team and Raaralab, with support from Canada Council for the Arts.

Intersections is a free city-wide festival for Torontonians, by Torontonians.


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