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Past / Creating a Caring Vessel

Creating a Caring Vessel


We invite you to create a birch bark basket. Led by First Nations artist Lindsey Lickers, ‘Mushkiiki Nibi’ (Medicine Water), this birch bark basket demo offers one way that Indigenous peoples honour the relationship with the land through craft and explores the interconnectedness in all things, while also honouring one’s own experiences, histories and relationships with the basket, serving as the keeper of this new awareness.

This workshop demo and participatory workshop were part of From Weeds We Grow, a project that was part of this year’s Myseum Intersections festival.

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Watch the complementary Nature Walk video with James Carpenter here


1 – 10×10” birch bark sheet
4 – bundles of natural sinew
1 – skein of embroidery floss
1 – sewing needle
1 – patch of leather (thimble)
4 – binder clips (to hold the corners in place while sewing)
1 pair of Scissors
– A bin/container large enough to submerge the birch bark sheet in water (overnight)
– A weight to place on top of the birch bark sheet while soaking (to prevent it from floating to the top)

Download the Material List here [PDF]

From Weeds We Grow is an interdisciplinary public art project led by STEPS Public Art (https://stepspublicart.org/) that shines a light on Rexdale through artistic, Indigenous, and community-based approaches. Inspired by the Humber River and the history of Rexdale’s local green spaces, we explore how plants are used to heal and nourish one’s spirit and our connections to the environment.

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