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Mr. Dressup to Degrassi

Mr. Dressup to Degrassi

42 Years of Toronto Kids TV: New Exhibit

The TV shows of your childhood hit closer to home than you might think.

From 1952 to 1994, Toronto was a global player in a golden era of children’s television programming. For over four decades, our city brought together innovative thought leaders, passionate creators and unexpected collaborations – forming a corner of the television industry unlike any other in the world.

Toronto etched itself into our collective consciousness with shows like Mr. Dressup, Today’s Special, The Friendly Giant, Polka Dot Door, Degrassi, and more.

Journey through Toronto’s heyday of children’s TV shows in this playful exhibition.


Mr. Dressup to Degrassi was curated by Ed Conroy with exhibition design by elsonstudio.

Special thanks to Phil Guerrero, Gillian Hazan, Jason Hopley, Brenda Kamino, Nina Koegh, Peter Pavement of Surface Impressions, Puppetry Stuff Canada, Jamie Shannon, and Nerene Virgin.

As a non-profit cultural institution, Myseum would like to acknowledge the incredible work of everyone who made the content for children’s television possible, and note that this exhibition is designed for teaching, scholarship, education, and research proposes only. We suggest that fair use is permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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