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INTERSECTIONS FESTIVAL / MYSEUM INTERSECTIONS 2021 / Build Your Own Chinatown Game Digital Edition


Build Your Own Chinatown Game Digital Edition

Build Your Own Chinatown uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to build a community-based installation that explores a future and collective vision for Toronto’s future Chinatown.


Click here to launch the “Build Your Own Chinatown” digital board game

You are invited to participate in the “Build Your Own Chinatown” board game (digital edition)! Build your own Chinatown from a collection of 3D-scanned facades of Chinatown East — selecting elements and facades that personally define Chinatown for you. Record your game results in the player information card. By participating, you will contribute to an ongoing archive of “Build Your Own Chinatowns” which aims to explore important architectural heritage elements of Chinatown as identified by different community groups as well as untold stories about Chinatown. This installation announces the future heritage(s) of Toronto’s East Chinatown as a collective act to contribute to a shared future through community engagement and participation.

Project Team

Linda Zhang (she/her) is a registered architect and educator. She is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson SID and a principal at Studio Pararaum. She was the receipt of the 2020 Toronto Excellence Award, 2019 NCECA Multicultural Fellow, the 2017-2018 Syracuse University SOA Boghosian Fellow and a 2017 Fellow at the Berlin Center for Art and Urbanistics.
IG: @lindayzhang @pararaum
www.pararaum.com www.lindazhang.de

Janak Alford (he/him) is a technology ecosystem designer who specializes in developing innovative solutions. Janak integrates his architectural education (M. Arch) with a self-taught expertise in technology to produce engaging and interactive solutions to human problems. Janak is continually developing technologies which are inspired by nature to work in symbiosis with their human counterparts.

Amy Yan (she/her) is a graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design in Toronto. She is interested in exploring the intersections between design and storytelling with her work, and in finding new ways to be able to convey narratives that can be experienced visually, emotionally and at all scales. Her passions include illustration, 3D prototyping and longboarding.
IG: @aypproductions

Georgia Barrington (she/her) is a mature student in her third year of a BID at the Ryerson School of Interior Design. Before beginning the program, she worked in marketing and communications for four years at ParticipACTION and in various roles in Toronto’s non-profit and arts and culture sector.
IG: @gbarrington

Reese-Joan Young (she/her) is in her fourth year of studying Interior Design at Toronto’s Ryerson University. Her eclectic work is guided by her interest in designing real-life and virtual environments that are narrative-based and sensorially engaging. Currently, she is conducting a design research project in partnership with Georgia Barrington, funded by Ryerson’s Creative Technology Lab that explores the hearth and its identity as a domestic symbol.

Jimmy Tran (he/him) is the Research Technology Officer at the Ryerson University Library Collaboratory. He is also a postdoctoral fellow at the Network-Centric Apply Research Team lab in Computer Science at Ryerson University where continues his research in robotics and computer vision.

Margarita Yushina (she/her) is Russian-born fourth year student at Ryerson School of Interior design in Toronto. She is interested in a variety of different design fields and directions. From graphic design to 3D modelling, rendering and animation, she loves to learn the new emerging ways and technologies. Recently, she is heavily interested in Virtual Reality. Margarita already had a chance to work on a variety of design projects and installations. She continues to explore and expand her digital skills, learning design fabrication, and stays active in the design community.


邀请您参加“建造您自己的唐人街”棋盘游戏! 用3D打印的唐人街东区立面建造自己的唐人街-选择适合您的唐人街元素和立面。将游戏结果记录在玩家信息卡中。该档案旨在探索唐人街的重要建筑遗产元素,这些元素被不同的社区团体所识别,并由关于唐人街的不为人知的故事所体现。该装置体现了多伦多东部唐人街的未来遗产。这是一项集体行动,旨在通过社区参与和投入为共享未来作出贡献。

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