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Past EXHIBITIONS / MYSEUM INTERSECTIONS 2021 / China(TO)wn: Future Heritage(s) of Toronto’s Chinatowns


China(TO)wn: Future Heritage(s) of Toronto’s Chinatowns

Who holds the right to decide what gets remembered? Conversely, the right to forget? ChinaTOwn tells the forgotten stories, willful omissions, and accumulation of silences that exist beyond Toronto’s official heritage definition of its Chinatown neighbourhoods. The exhibition aims to put personal stories and individual memory in conversation with state-sanctioned narratives.

Each of the projects featured in ChinaTOwn explores what marginalized communities have known for some time—all that is written is not necessarily all that is, and what is remembered extends far beyond what is recorded. Through these exhibits we question:

• How does the city decide which voices and stories make it into official records?
• Who should the heritage of Toronto’s Chinatowns serve?

Through a conceptual exhibition, participatory storytelling events, a symposium and roundtable discussion, we seek to uncover untold stories and build a collective, intersectional vision for the future heritage(s) of Toronto’s Chinatowns. Participants in the exhibition include interior design students at Ryerson University led by Prof. Linda Zhang. Through a fourth-year design studio and a juried design competition, students were asked to incorporate community stories into their work. In doing so, each installation featured here reflects on their role, responsibility and agency as designers to protect the inhabitants and communities they design for.

唐人街项目 多伦多唐人街的未来遗产



• 该市如何决定将哪些声音和故事纳入官方记录?
• 多伦多唐人街的遗产应该为谁服务?

通过概念展览、参与式讲故事活动、专题讨论会和圆桌讨论会,我们力求发现不为人知 的故事,并为多伦多唐人街的未来遗产树立一个集体的交互愿景。展览的参与者包括由 Linda Zhang教授领导的Ryerson University室内设计专业的学生。通过四年级的设计 工作室和评审设计大赛,要求学生将社区故事融入他们的作品中。为此,这里的每个艺术 装置(简称装置)都体现了他们作为设计师的角色、责任和作用,以保护他们为之设计的 居民和社区。

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