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Slova Greenberg

Image: Myseum of Toronto.

Slova Greenberg was a foundational advocate for healthcare, women’s empowerment, and elder care in Toronto. Today, her impact is seen through the success of Mount Sinai Hospital, the Baycrest Centre, and more.
Early 20th Century | Healthcare Advocate and Community Organizer

Slova Greenberg, a dedicated member of Toronto’s Ezras Noshem Society (also known as Ezras Nashim), played a crucial role in transforming healthcare in the city – starting with the lives of elderly members in the Jewish community. Recognizing the need for elder care homes that provided kosher food, religious care, and medical attention in a familiar language, Slova led the women of the Ezras Noshem Society in a successful fundraising campaign. The Toronto Jewish Old Folks Home, located at 29 Cecil Street, was established, eventually evolving into the renowned institution known as Baycrest.

Greenberg’s vision and determination continues to positively impact the lives of elderly members within the community.

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