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An annual collaborative exhibition or showcase presented by Myseum that focuses on a topic related to Toronto’s past, present or future.

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1 Nov 2018 – 30 Nov 2018

This year’s feature exhibit, Discounted Histories presents objects and artifacts from Toronto’s retail past and present. Installed as a non-linear survey, the historical and contemporary threads intertwine to reimagine new narratives. In this way, the traces of Toronto’s relationship with retail: a wampum bead; a sewing machine; a beaver pelt; or a mail order catalogue continue the dialogue that challenges the inequality of retail relationships that persists to the present day.The Discounted Histories feature exhibit is an ideal starting place that invites you to explore the stories told by our partner institutions and programs.


An annual festival that explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibitions, events, workshops, and tours.

1 Mar 2019 – 31 Mar 2019

This year’s theme, Revisionist Toronto, asks: What are the lost or hidden stories that have been paved over and forgotten? How do we reclaim those histories? Revisionist Toronto revisits and re-imagines the dominant narratives that shape our understanding of the city through a festival of collaborative exhibits and events.


Partnering community leaders from small and major organizations to strengthen the cultural sector in Toronto.


performance of elizabeth neufeld

A series of pop-up experiences that encourage exploration and reflection of the city’s cultural, natural, and built histories.

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