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Past EXHIBITS / Women in Hip Hop: Digital Exhibition

Women in Hip Hop: Digital Exhibition

Curatorial Statement by Brittany Exmiranda Manu

When have you ever heard Women in Hip Hop and Fine Arts in the same sentence? Undoubtedly never! Racism and misogyny combine to create a society that shames, suppresses, and minimizes the indispensable contributions of Black women within creative spaces. This exhibit changes this narrative by celebrating trendsetting women MCs, using portrait paintings, drawings, and mixed media as a conduit to highlight their accomplishments, contributions, and barrier-breaking feats, while navigating patriarchy and discrimination. The selected pieces were all created by Gen Z AND Millennial artists from Toronto, Canada who identify as Black Women and women allies who have been influenced by hip hop culture. This digital exhibition is a precursor to the main “Women in Hip Hop” exhibit taking place in person in 2021, as part of Myseum Intersections.

To explore the exhibit, first click on the artist you want to view. This will take you to a new page where you can read the artists’ bio and view more work.


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