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Past FESTIVALS / Call for Submissions:
Myseum Intersections 2022

Call for Submissions:
Myseum Intersections 2022

Myseum of Toronto is launching a call for submissions for our seventh annual Myseum Intersections festival.

Festival Dates: April 2022

Deadline: Monday Nov 2, 2020 @ 11:00PM
Deadline Extended to Monday, November 9, 2020 @ 11:00PM

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Myseum Intersections is an annual festival that will take place during the month of April 2022. The festival explores intersectional perspectives of Toronto through collaborative exhibits, events, and experiences. Intersections presents a wide array of programming intended to create dialogue on civic issues and inspire a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our city.

Project proposals can range from exhibitions to events such as walking tours, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, public programs, exhibition tours, community celebrations, interactive experiences, and performances. We prioritize participatory and co-created projects, and encourage collaborative partnerships between organizations, collectives and individuals.

To view past festivals and examples of Intersections projects from previous years, click here. To see a snapshot of Intersections 2019, see the festival booklet here, or browse projects and their photos here.

Should you have any accessibility concerns that might impact your ability to access or complete the digital submission form, please inform Sarah Tumaliuan (by email: saraht@myseumoftoronto.com or phone: 647-469-9973) in advance of October 19, 2020 to allow Myseum to appropriately accommodate your needs.


Myseum’s Intersections festival fosters collaboration and partnership, bringing together community, culture, arts and heritage organizations to produce compelling programs and a space for lesser known narratives of under-represented communities.

As a presenting partner, Myseum assists with funding projects, facilitates programming and venue partnerships, offers free workshops (ie. accessibility, marketing, etc), provides PR and marketing support, and provides a platform to enhance the visibility of projects that examine Intersectionality in Toronto. Myseum can provide consultation for partners on producing exhibitions and events depending on their access to resources and administrative capacity.


Applicants must identify the program category or categories that the proposed project will fall under.

Projects categories include: exhibition, workshop, walking tour, performance, discussion or lecture, community celebration, film screening, interactive experience and other. All media and art forms will be considered.


Intersections funding requests typically range from $3000 to $10,000. If your total funding request exceeds $10,000, please inform Festival and Programming Coordinator Sarah Tumaliuan by email saraht@myseumoftoronto.com or phone 647-469-9973 by October 19, 2020.

We welcome applications from individuals and organizations who do not require funding support and would like to host a Myseum Intersections project. Please clearly identify your project as ‘UNFUNDED PARTICIPANT’ in the budget section of your application.

What We Will Fund

  • Material expenses (film, art supplies, etc.)
  • Content development fees: curatorial fees, artist fees, honoraria, panellist fees
  • Community engagement/outreach fees and costs
  • Accessibility costs
  • AV and equipment rentals
  • Fees for space/venue
  • Marketing expenses
  • Transportation expenses within the GTA
  • Production/program expenses
  • Production of artworks (printing, framing etc.)
  • Hardware for hanging/installing etc.
  • Display expenses
  • Signage and labels
  • We prioritize original projects/works but will still consider projects/works that have had previous iterations. If your project has been accepted into another festival that takes place within 2-3 months before or after Intersections, we ask you to indicate this in your application.


    We strongly encourage, and prioritize, collaborative projects between two or more individuals/ groups/organizations to apply with an exhibition or event based project that can animate their own community space(s) or a mutually decided upon space. Please Note: Project collaborators do not have to be confirmed at the time of the application deadline. Successful applicants will be required to confirm all primary project collaborators by March 2021.

    This call for submissions is only open to those in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

    Submissions are encouraged from different disciplines, cultures, abilities, and backgrounds including but not limited to: historical societies, archives, artist and design collectives, natural history organizations, cultural organizations, community groups, Mad, Deaf, disability communities, youth and student groups, indigenous communities, architects, ecologists and naturalists, LGBTQ+ communities, designers, urbanist groups, and unique collaborations involving two or more individuals/groups.

    Organizations, collectives or individuals are not required to have charitable or non-profit status in order to apply. Organizations or individuals who have participated in Myseum Intersections previously are eligible to apply.

    Each project must offer free programming and access to the general public. If you wish to submit a project that has an admission fee or does not provide access to the general public please inform Festival & Programming Coordinator Sarah Tumaliuan by email saraht@myseumoftoronto.com or phone 647-469-9973 in advance of October 19, 2020.


To apply, complete the Application Form. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants cannot save this form and return to complete it at a later time. We strongly recommend downloading the following form and saving your answers on a separate document prior to filling out the online form. The downloadable document is available here.

Should you have any accessibility concerns that might impact your ability to access or complete the digital submission form, please inform Sarah Tumaliuan (by email: saraht@myseumoftoronto.com or phone: 647-469-9973) in advance of October 19, 2020 to allow Myseum to appropriately accommodate your needs and to discuss alternate formats for submitting your application.

You will be asked to provide the information listed below:


We are offering two Virtual Information Sessions for organizations, collectives and individuals to learn about Intersections festival, including eligibility and general criteria for projects. These online sessions will provide guidance on the proposal writing and application process, and will allow potential applicants to ask questions regarding the submission process. Registration is required and you will be given a URL link to access the livestream video. A recording will be sent to all those who registered, regardless of whether they were able to attend.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

6:30pm on Zoom (register here to receive Zoom link)

Accommodations: For ASL interpretation, please contact Festival & Programming Coordinator, Sarah Tumaliuan by email saraht@myseumoftoronto.com or by phone 647-469-9973 by August 28, 2020 and we will do our best to meet all requests.


All proposals will be reviewed by Myseum staff and selected proposals will be juried by a diverse committee of arts, culture, and heritage professionals. Projects may also be selected by invitation from Myseum staff.

We strongly encourage and prioritize:


When writing your project submission please ensure you consider the following:

CLARITY/FEASIBILITY Does the proposal clearly state what the project entails? Does it outline an approach that makes sense? Does the proposal seem realistic? Is the budget in line with the ambitions? Are there any outstanding questions or issues that have not been addressed?
COLLABORATION Does the project demonstrate how it will connect different groups to each other or describe how the parties involved will work together in a new way?
RELEVANCE Does the project reflect on Intersectionality in Toronto and/or reflect an intersectional perspective? Does it address a more complex topic in some way? Does the project present an issue or idea that is relevant to Torontonians? Does it shed light on a particular topic that has resonance with others?
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT/PARTICIPATION Do the project leads, partners, and participants represent the communit(ies) the project aims to engage? Does the project encourage civic engagement? Is there a way for visitors to the project to get involved?
AESTHETIC & INNOVATION Does the project describe an interesting strategy for display or presentation? Will the project be presented with care to details? Have they considered the visual, performative or spatial qualities that are of good quality?
ACCESSIBILITY In what ways is the project accessible? How accessible is the proposed venue? Does it consider those with differing abilities? Is the project content accessible? Does it reach outside of the downtown core? Does it reach to the GTA?
HISTORICAL/TOPICAL Does the project relate to history in any way? Does the project reveal an under-represented history or bring attention to a lesser known story?
REACH What communities does this project serve and what methods of community outreach does it employ. Does the project bring together new audiences?

Successful applicants will be notified by February 2021. If your proposal is approved, you will be required to establish a timeline for your project in collaboration with the Myseum programming team. A representative from your organization/group will also be required to attend the following events and workshops by Myseum (exact dates and times to be confirmed):

  • Participant Meet and Greet & Accessibility Workshop – March 2021
  • Marketing Info Session – January 2022
  • Land Acknowledgement Workshop – February 2022
  • Myseum Intersections Launch – late March/early April 2022


For questions or inquiries please contact Sarah Tumaliuan (by email: saraht@myseumoftoronto.com or phone: 647-469-9973)


Myseum is your Toronto museum. Our engaging programs and experiences showcase the history, spaces, culture(s), architecture, and the people that represent Toronto’s unique place in the world.

Myseum brings a personal understanding and appreciation of all that is Toronto to both residents and visitors. Instead of asking people to come to one location to explore art, culture, and history, Myseum delivers programming to all corners of the city, presenting rich and relevant experiences.

Our focus on co-creation and collaboration allows all Torontonians to partake in curating our city’s social and historical narratives. Myseum celebrates the reality that our city is the exhibit – it’s all around us. To learn more please visit www.myseumoftoronto.com.


Call for Submissions: Myseum Intersections 2022 [PDF]


Q: Are a group of individuals able to apply/does that satisfy the requirement for collaboration? Or are you looking for a collaboration with a larger entity such as an institution?
A: A group of 2 or more individuals are able to apply, however, depending on your level of experience and capacity to execute your project logistics and community outreach, you may want to consider partnering with an organization that is able to provide your group with additional support(s).

Q: What are some examples of past works that have been part of your past festivals?

A: You can check out past years’ Festival projects at the following link: www.myseumoftoronto.com/program/festivals/

Q: When does Intersections 2022 take place?
A: Intersections 2022 will run from April 9 – May 6.
Your venue does not have to be confirmed at the time of application submission but we do ask for your preferred venue(s).

Q: Does there need to be a firm location organized for the application or will it suffice to have a number of ideas?
A: Your venue does not have to be confirmed at the time of application submission but we do ask for your preferred venue(s) on your application.

Q: Why have you chosen April for this festival? With the weather, doesn’t this make outdoor/city-wide projects tricky?
A: Yes, weather is always a tricky consideration! We initially held the festival in March but decided to move it to April for this very reason. We also had to take into consideration where the festival fits into our programming calendar as a whole.

Q: What is the total number of projects that will be selected?
A: We will select up to 13 projects for the Intersections 2022 festival.

Q: What happens to the project/festival if COVID-19 is still a threat to events?
A: We will definitely be keeping COVID-19 in mind and monitoring the situation very closely, as well as taking the advice of the medical community during the planning process for the festival, as well as the lead up to the festival.

Q: Does the festival provide all necessary insurance and cover potential liabilities?
A: Myseum of Toronto covers festival liability at venues throughout the month of April. However, if you are looking to insure personal artworks or anything related to the pre-production and production of your project, you will be responsible for insuring those materials.

Q: How long could a specific event/exhibition run for?
A: Exhibitions/events can run anywhere from a day to the entirety of the festival.

Q: Are projects able to bring their own funding to the table, be that public or private?
A: Projects are more than welcome to bring other funding to their projects, but it is not a requirement.

Q: Is this opportunity open to organizations that are not incorporated as a non-profit? We are in the process of getting this.
A: You do not have to be incorporated to apply to Myseum Intersections.

Q: As the festival welcomes submissions from not only Toronto but across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), can the projects also be located across the GTA?
A: Yes, we consider projects across the GTA, and projects can be located anywhere in the GTA.

Q: Presuming that COVID-19 is no longer limiting physical gatherings, are we to proceed with our festival application as though COVID-19 is not an issue?
A: We don’t want COVID-19 to limit the imagination of your project, and will proceed with the planning as if it will be an in-person festival. However, we also do appreciate projects that are also able to imagine what their project would look like in a digital space?

Myseum is your
Toronto museum.

Our engaging programs and experiences showcase the history, spaces, culture(s), architecture, and the people, that represent Toronto’s unique place in the world.


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